5 Top Rated Free Webmaster Resources

02 May 2014 06:02

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Nobody wants to spend money if they don't have to but webmasters also know that the old adage, "You get what you pay for," is often true. Thankfully, sometimes free really is better and it is possible to find free webmaster resources that are worth well, considerably more than one pays for them.

Anyone can be a webmaster, as the term is generally used to indicate the individual who maintains a particular website. Websites vary in purpose and type almost as much as the people that maintain them and as such, webmasters utilize a large variety of resources when presiding over a domain. Analytics software, blogging platforms, and scripting software is a very short list of examples. Basically anything that a webmaster can use to build, promote or improve the domain is a valuable resource. This obviously goes double for anything free. The following are some of the top rated, most popular free webmaster resources that any webmaster of any experience level can use to improve his or her website.

1. Google Analytics
Google Analytics is arguably the most popular free webmaster resources out there. Despite the fact that the product itself is actually aimed more at marketers, webmasters often use this resource because it allows them to essentially keep an eye on how the changes they make (or don't make) to their website affect traffic overall. For example, if the webmaster is a blogger and works hard at maintaining his website, provides regular relevant content and spends time interacting with his audience, he can use this tool to get an idea if what he is doing is effective. Google Analytics allows webmasters to track the volume of website traffic and where it comes from as well as track sales and conversions. For webmasters working in the marketing industry, this tool is extremely valuable as it provides almost immediate feedback for measuring a particular marketing strategy's effectiveness.

2. Wordpress
Currently Wordpress is the most popular blogging platform on the web. Utilized by more than 60 million websites worldwide and used by 22% the newest websites around the world,one might consider Wordpress to be the Father of blogging platforms. As far as free webmaster resources go, Wordpress is incredibly valuable. As it is open source, webmasters have the freedom to tweak it as much as they like. Free options include simply creating an account on Wordpress itself and launching a basic blog with limited customization to downloading the platform itself, hosting it on a private domain and cracking the source for complete customization. The development community that Wordpress has developed has created an impressive array of plug-ins, widgets and other useful tools that make building websites with this powerful platform easy, fun and endlessly varied.

3. SEO Resource
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is paramount to a successful website, particularly if the website in question is in any way related to promoting a business. Unfortunately, SEO is not always intuitive; it requires a great deal of learning and the utilization of many tools. That said, it's not impossible to learn and there are plenty of online resources that make integrating excellent SEO into a website relatively simple. Seomoz.org is the leading SEO resource company at this time and many of the resources offered by this company are free.

4. Web Standards
Ultimately, the purpose behind websites is to reach as many users as possible and, indeed, this is the goal behind the Internet as a human project in general. Web Standards are an important part of excellence to a knowledgeable webmaster. Adherence to Web Standards ensures access by everyone, including the blind and the deaf, as well as improving the overall user experience when using the web. Learning about Web Standards is free and can be done at this authoritative website: http://www.webstandards.org/learn/. Among these free webmaster resources are tutorials and a comprehensive FAQ.

5. Stock Photos
The reality is that photos appeal to viewers making them a valuable resource for any webmaster, regardless of the purpose of the website they are building. It is vitally important that webmasters refrain from stealing photos but it is not necessarily always required that photos be bought. www.freephotosbank.com and www.stockvault.net are two of the leading resources for free and low-cost photos.

This list is by no means exhaustive as webmasters utilize a myriad of tools to develop quality websites. These resources are an excellent place to start, however, and will give any fledgling webmaster an idea of what to look for in terms of quality, free webmaster resources.

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