Some Facts About VPS Website Hosting

02 May 2014 06:11

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Dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting are two of the most common web hosting plans offered by a hosting provider. While every hosting package has its fair share of benefits, dedicated web hosting is definitely the way to go if you need more customization and control with your operating system and server resources. The only problem is that dedicated servers are very expensive and the gap between dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting is huge. Fortunately, VPS website hosting bridges this gap by fusing dedicated and shared features together.

What is VPS Website Hosting?

VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Servers, offers the environment of a dedicated server within a shared server. Thus, the cost is way cheaper than dedicated hosting due to its shared nature, but you will not get the speed benefits.

The main feature here is stability where the shared server uses special virtualization software that distributes a certain amount of shared server resources to a particular account. It's like a less powerful dedicated web hosting. You will not get those crashes that you would normally get from shared web hosting because virtualization ensures that the website in the server is isolated. You will not also get those instances where another website is draining a lot of resources to the point that other websites within the shared host suffer. With a VPS package, you get a clear idea on your specifications so you will know how to properly use them.

VPS is Under a Shared Server

Remember, a VPS is still under a shared server. However, you get a dedicated amount of resources and bandwidth which if your usage remains within your allotted amount, your websites will do just fine.

Common Features of VPS Website Hosting Plans

Good VPS website hosting plans typically come with both unlimited disk space and bandwidth which are perfect for hosting large websites that target a certain audience. Larger websites that target a large general audience aren't very ideal because the site's performance may slow down if it receives too much traffic.

Unlike shared hosting, a VPS website hosting plan allows you to remotely access your virtual environment so you can better adjust the different options so it works better with your website. This offers you more flexibility compared to a standard web hosting control panel. You can carry out advanced administrator options such as server rebooting or changing codes if you have experience.

Specific Features to Look For

Like any kind of web hosting plan, customer support options should be your first priority because your entire experience can be wrecked if your website runs into a downtime. Exploring the various options in a VPS can make or break a system, so it is very important that the hosting company offers a 24/7 phone support or live chat. Keep in mind that all web hosting providers will promise good customer support, so your key reference here is other clients because only they can share their real experiences.

VPS website hosting options can vary, so basically all you have to do is to properly address the needs of your website. Determine what software you need and make sure it's compatible with the specifications included in the VPS hosting package. You should also evaluate the hardware that you are getting and see if it stacks well with the cost.

Some VPS website hosting companies offer a range of bandwidth options. The more bandwidth you get, the more you pay. Determining the right amount of bandwidth you need requires a bit of trial and error. Make sure that the VPS service you use allows you to increase or decrease your bandwidth so you are not locked into the wrong level of bandwidth.

User Interface / Backend
If you are switching from shared hosting, then you will likely be familiar with a particular user interface (UI) such as CPanel. Thus, if you want to minimize time figuring out how a new interface works, look for VPS with the same UI option.

Free Website Transfer
This feature can save you a lot of time. When you switch to a new web hosting service for VPS, you can transfer the sites yourself or ask the company to do it for you. The company can get it done within 48 hours and it's free. It really saves you a lot of time and hassle.

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