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How to Find the Fastest Web Hosting - 06 Jun 2015 19:11


Having a website is one of the most important requirements for any modern business. A website can be looked at as the storefront of your business as it gives potential customers the first impression about your business. This means that a poorly designed website that loads slowly may give potential buyers a bad impression about your business. Therefore, hiring the best web design firm and signing up for the fastest web hosting service are key ingredients for success in the modern business world. The following are some important factors to consider when looking for a fast website hosting service.

Processing Speed of the Server

A fast hosting service is one that makes it possible for websites to open instantly. It should take fractions of a second for the website to open and all the web content to load. The loading speed of a website is largely affected by the processing speed of the host server as well as the number of processing cores. Ideally, a website hosting service that uses powerful servers with multiple cores, such as quad-core or octo-core processors, should be given preference. The clocking speed of those microprocessors should also be high. Be sure to compare the servers offered at the same price by different hosting firms before making a decision.

RAM Size

The size of the random access memory (RAM) greatly affects hosting speed. A host server with a 3.5GHz octo-core processor and only 512MB in RAM will result in slow website hosting. Similarly, a server with 16GB in RAM and 2.1GHz processing speed will be very slow. For this reason, consumers should give priority to hosting firms with servers that come with at least 8GB of RAM.

Type of Storage

Most servers have traditional disc-based hard disk drives (HDD's). However, some modern servers come fitted with SSD's (solid state drives) for storing web content. It is a well-known fact that solid state drives, which use flash storage technology, are faster as far as reading and writing are concerned. For this reason, picking a hosting service that uses solid state drive technology is a great idea.

Network Connection

There are many broadband cable connections serving a large part of the country. Most hosting firms have data centers that are connected to multiple fibers to ensure complete redundancy and greater bandwidth. When searching for the right hosting firm, be sure to check the bandwidth of some of the major broadband cables they are connected to.

An important point to note about the loading speed of a website is that the underlying code, web applications and type of content management system used matters a lot. For instance, a long script that takes a lot of time to process may reduce the loading speed of the website. The average person may confuse this with slow website hosting but the two are not the same. Dealing with this type of problem calls for redesigning of the website by a web design expert.

To find the fastest web hosting, it is crucial that you take your time to do some research and sign up for a suitable hosting plan. Use this link for NCM Online's list of the fastest shared hosts.

If you can afford it, a powerful dedicated hosting server will give you superb results. However, if the same powerful server is used in a shared or VPS hosting plan, the service may not be as reliable. In fact, the server may crash if internet traffic is too high at any given time. For this reason, the actual server up-time guarantee quoted by different firms should be compared and the fastest, most reliable hosting service chosen. - Comments: 1

Web Hosting Promo Codes in Focus - 24 May 2015 13:08


Website hosting is mandatory if you wish to get your online business or blog up and running. Many people are unsure about where to begin, however hosting review websites are a useful resource for finding the best packages. Regardless of your ambitions, there are numerous ways to save cash. A good hosting company is just as important to a niche interest website (or personal blog), as it is to a large ecommerce platform.

Web hosting promo codes can be used with certain web hosts. Each code relates to a different hosting package. The hosting company will display a box on the checkout section of its website, or on its registration form, that you can input the code into to qualify for a price reduction. This price reduction might be small, like ten or five percent off the price of a package, or it might be as much as 100 percent off your initial payment.

Given that you usually pay for your hosting each month, this may appear to be an insignificant discount. However, with the 100 percent discount offers, you have a full thirty days to get your site set up, without incurring any expense. If you are able to make enough money from your website to cover the cost of hosting for the second month, during your initial free month, you may end up paying for your hosting entirely from the profits you earn, rather than from your own pocket.

Better still, web hosting promo codes (see Pinterest page example) allow you to reduce your ongoing expenses. Your hosting provider, if it appreciates your custom, will be aware of the competitive nature of the industry. Hosting companies only succeed if they form good long term relationships with their customers. This is why they frequently offer rewards for customer loyalty. Therefore, it is important to stay up to date with the latest deals for existing customers. The best hosting providers are normally just as keen to retain customers over the long term, as they are to find new customers. Essentially, they understand that repeat business is what ensures their survival.

Different hosting firms run their web hosting promo codes in different ways. Some providers may ask you to input your code when you check out, and the appropriate amount will be subtracted from your payment. Check that the reduction is displaying, prior to completing the transaction.

To identify the most suitable hosting code for your circumstances, you need to choose the right type of hosting package. Do not select a hosting package, purely based on the web hosting promo codes available. If you do this, you might end up paying over the odds, instead of saving money. Choose the best option for you, and then search for a code that fits that type of package. You may prefer a particular hosting provider, or already understand what you require. After you locate a promo code, ensure that it is still valid. Generally, codes tend to have a short shelf life, and lots of them have expired by the time you come to use them.

Whether you are an existing customer or a new customer, you should visit hosting review websites. These sites allow you to evaluate numerous well known hosting providers, and the prices and packages they offer. Also, these sites have the up to date hosting codes that are applicable for the package you choose. This is more effective than visiting dozens of websites, which all offer identical codes for identical web hosts. Carrying out your due diligence, to ensure that the hosting company you pick is appropriate for your requirements will make setting up and running your website much easier. - Comments: 0

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